About Loyal Trading Company


Loyal is one of the leading companies in importing and exporting food products, nuts, and spices in Turkey. Since Loyal Company has established in 2013 Turkey, Mersin, and we provide our services successfully as Loyal Food Group, as our company continues to issue several products with different brands to ensure our product quality and meets all consumer’s needs and tastes. Now, Loyal Company, from its center in Turkey, Mersin, is considered as one of the largest companies that import and export the best types of legumes, spices, nuts and foods and provide their services from its office and warehouse in “Turkey Mersin” with a high production capacity that provides all types with huge quantities to customers.

Although  Loyal company established in 2013, the history and roots of the company go back to 1990, when the company “Binavi” has founded by Mr. Kamal in Aleppo Syria, and that was the first basis for the trade of legumes and food products. From generation to generation, business experience and confidence in work have transferred to his son’s gentlemen – Muhammad, Ahmed, and Mahmoud – who developed the company until it becomes in Turkey under the name of Loyal and then for global trade in import and export.

Our vision


Loyal aims to be one of the best leading companies in the world by preparing and exporting the best kind of legumes that carefully produced from the country of origin to all countries of the world. It also keen to import the finest types of agricultural crops, nuts, and spices with care and quality, and in conformity with international health standards, in order to ensure its commercial dealings with customers and to preserve the good reputation, it inherited from the main company.

Our mission


Loyal Company works through its employees and managers to provide a high degree of customer satisfaction and to ensure the quality of provided services and goods according to international standards, in order to gain customer confidence and create permanent plans to ensure the continuation of the work within a clear and successful strategy.

Our Strategy


Loyal’s strategy helps us to maintain our main goal of building social responsibility through continuous improvement of quality in all fields. We seek to share this responsibility with our business partners, customers, and everyone at Loyal

We promise  to fulfill our responsibility by committing to the regulations and laws and working to improve it. In addition, we will always develop the quality of the system in our facilities by investing our expertise in people who have full awareness of quality, and highly experienced team, all of this to work with a pioneering and innovative contemporary structure to develop the business vision that in turn serving our business stakeholders.

25+years of experience